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Hoover Fitness Reviews

Read reviews below from our members:


I love my gym!  It's affordable, convenient, comfortable and staffed with some really helpful people.  Since it's located in my neighborhood, I can sometimes run here, get a workout in, and run home.
 They have a bulletin board up with different workouts to follow along with:
-Weekly Workouts-which are really helpful since, for the most part, I don't know what I'm doing.  These are a great way for me to hit all the major muscle groups.
-Cardio Workout-For when you're tired of just aimlessly pedaling away on a stationary bike.
-'15 Minute Workouts' -for people that don't have an hour to spare at the gym.
-The 301 Workout-This has become my favorite.  When you've finished, the workout adds up to 301 reps of various exercises.  A new one is posted every week.  It's pretty intense (for me), but I feel very accomplished afterwards and the soreness the next day lets me know I worked out an area that I normally don't.
 When I'm unsure about one of the exercises, I just ask Jordan or Scotty and they always explain it to me.  They're always so nice and never make me feel bad for not knowing.
 They also have 24 hour access.  This is part of the convenience of the gym for me.  I can go to the gym no matter what time it is.  Heck, I can go on Christmas morning if I wanted.  No more excuses!!!

 Danielle S.


I'm not a life time gym goer.  In fact, I've generally had a negative outlook on gyms and the people that spend a bunch of time in them.  As I left my twenties behind, I realized it was time to start taking care of myself.  I emailed Hoover Fitness and set up a meeting with the owner.  He sat down with me, evaluated my weak body, and helped formulate a plan for me.  

I chose to have personal training for the first six weeks.  Having never been to the gym, I need someone to show how to work all of the machines... seriously.  The owner couldn't have been nicer and eased my into my new routine.  

Hoover Fitness was the exact opposite of everything I had feared about gyms.  The staff is overly friendly and helpful, it's not a meat market, the prices are crazy low, and it's never too crowded.  If the location is remotely convenient for you, Hoover Fitness is a no brainer.

 Will L.  


I love HF! It's really the first gym I've been to that's for everyone.... Every age and every level of fitness. Jason and his staff are always available to help or offer friendly workout advice. Great place!!

 Kelly M.


I've been a member of Hoover Fitness since the doors opened over 6 years ago. 70 lbs lighter and much more fit I still love the gym as much as I did when I signed up. Sure, as someone else said, it doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the large chain gyms. But it has plenty of options for working out and classes. And the staff is awesome and friendly. I love that at this gym you can see a young son working out with his dad while the next treadmill over someone's grandmother is getting in her exercise. It is family owned and family friendly. The staff is fun and friendly and helpful. I've never felt awkward in this gym or afraid to try a different piece of equipment for fear of looking silly. And because of this I keep coming back and that's why I've maintained a workout routine for the first time in my life.  

 Kim T.



I have been a member of Hoover Fitness for several years.  The owner, Jason, has created a wonderful program called Body Fat Blast.  This has helped me lose 50 pounds over the past year.  Jason and his staff are incredibly down to earth and helpful.  This a gym where you don't have feel intimidated as there are people there of all shapes and sizes.  I appreciate the fact that Jason will take the time to work with you on goals and he provides encouragement along the way.  Hoover Fitness is a wonderful neighborhood gym that is very family friendly. I highly recommend Hoover Fitness to anyone who is looking to improve their health.

 Anna G.  



Love my gym! Hoover Fitness is the reason i am in the best shape that I've ever been in! I joined this gym a little over a year ago, very out of shape, determined to develop a consistent workout routine and make exercise a part of my life. Today- I am 50 lbs smaller and (never thought I'd see the day where i could say this) FIT! Thanks to everything that HF offers like the Fat Blast Program, 301 workouts, spin classes, cardio & body sculpt classes, yoga, etc..I never get bored with my workouts! As a mother of two wee ones, I can't forget to mention the FREE childcare which makes all of it even possible!!! My kids cry when it's time to go. I couldn't ask for a better gym environment, it's family oriented and I love that about it. I've met some great people and have developed many friendships. Great staff, always greeting me and my family the moment we walk in the door. Great location! 5 mins from my house and when the weather is good I can run/walk there!

 Emily S.  


Hoover fitness has the most helpful staff who recognize you by name and make sure you are taken care of!  It's a place you can feel comfortable working out no matter your shape, size or fitness level. I've seen incredible results from the group personal training and 21 day fat blast. It is a great neighborhood gym and I recommend to all my friends. If you want great results at a very reasonable price then you've found the right place.

 Heather B.  


I have been a member for roughly 4 years at Hoover Fitness and have lost roughly 80 pounds while working out there.  It is a small, locally owned gym where most members know each other.  I have often told my husband that I feel like Norm from Cheers where when he walks in, they would be like, "NORM!", but here is it, "PAIGE!" It may not have the bells and whistles that a larger, chain gym may have, but the staff is friendly and helpful and the child care is second to none. Anyone wanting to improve their health and physical appearance can absolutely do it Hoover Fitness.

 Paige H.


Hoover Fitness is a wonderful gym....have been a member for 4+ years and never had a gym membership before....can't say enough great things about it...innovative 21 Day Fat Blast program  will transform your body...the owner cares about the members...always willing to answer questions about exercise or diet...not a meat market...family friendly with quality childcare...24 hour access...and so affordable...just a place where you feel welcome and at home!

 Robin S.