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Jason Cerniglia, Owner

We help you:

Design the Fitness Center - Based on your space, we lay out the most efficient and user-friendly plans for the equipment and areas for specific exercise

Choose the Right Equipment - No wasting money and space on things not needed

Save Thousands on Purchasing - we use our 25+ years of fitness knowledge and equipment knowledge together to know what equipment to purchase, where to purchase, and at what cost to purchase and set up

Exercise Programming and Management Solutions - Workouts, member services, management solutions

We can design and equip any fitness center at 25-50% less cost than doing it on your own or using a specific equipment company 

two treadmills side by side price comparison

These are two very similar treadmills. Both work exactly the same. One costs over $7000 and the other costs $2500. That’s $4500 IN SAVINGS!! What if you multiply this by 5, 10, 15?? Thousands of dollars in savings. This isn’t just with treadmills. This is applies to all types of equipment and with our industry knowledge, we know how pick and choose accordingly. 

Full Service Commercial Gyms Corporate Office Building Gyms
Hotel Gyms
Apartment Gyms
Country Club Gyms
Rec Centers, Community Centers, Fire Departments Rehab Centers and Non-Profit Locations Home Gyms

We’ve designed and equipped gyms from 500 square feet to 10,000 square feet. We can design and equip a gym for any size or space that will provide everything that is needed for complete workouts.

We also can provide:
Workout Programming and Training Services
Staffing and Management Solutions
And Much More...
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