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Hoover Fitness Sports and Exercise Consignment

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Need exercise equipment?  Need youth and adult sports equipment? We have good-condition used exercise and sports equipment and other goods for sale at Hoover Fitness in our brand new consignment shop.  Get great products at a fraction of new retail prices!  Check out our inventory on our FACEBOOK PAGE which is updated every time we get in new inventory.  (Consignment store is open during our staffed hours)

Make Money!  Sell your stuff at Hoover Fitness Consignment. 

Do you have gently-used exercise equipment or sports equipment (for all ages) laying around and want to get rid of it and make some cash but don’t want to spend the time and effort to list it,  negotiate it, sell it, meet up with a buyer for each product, etc. just to make a few dollars?  We have the perfect solution - Hoover Fitness Sports and Exercise Consignment.  Gather multiple items and sell them on consignment at Hoover Fitness.  We house the products, we sell the products, we send you the money.  It is that simple.  The only effort on your part is getting us the products. 

What we sell:  

Gently used sports and exercise equipment, youth sporting goods for all sports, adult sporting goods, golf clubs, sports clothing, shoes, and cleats, exercise equipment, weights, bicycles, outdoor sports and exercise equipment, and so on.  We will consider pretty much anything in good condition that is in need whether it is sports and exercise related or not.  

How to find out if we will sell your products or not:

Simply take a picture of the product and email it to us at hooverfitnessconsignment@gmail.com.  Also include the brand name and any details (sizes, etc) about the product and a description of the condition.  Also include your selling price (see below).  Note: We will not sell any junk items, broken items, dirty items, etc. or items that are considered over-priced. This is for clean, working condition well-priced items only.  All items must be pre-approved by email before bringing them to Hoover Fitness and then final approval in person at Hoover Fitness when you bring them to the store.  Product drop offs and final approval will be scheduled via email when you send your product pictures and information.  

How to price your product:

Product prices must be approved by Hoover Fitness.  Product prices generally need to be 1/2 to 1/3 off original price of the item but we can approve product pricing outside of this window for certain items.  Once the price is set and approved, prices will not be negotiated at the store by the customer and Hoover Fitness and all sales are final to the customer.  However prices can be changed if seller and Hoover Fitness both agree that the set price needs to be changed. 

Seller terms and conditions:

Seller to receive 50% of the sale price (before tax)

Hoover Fitness will add 4.5% sales tax to the sales price at checkout to cover sales tax on our half of the sale.

Consigment agreement period is 120 days. Items not sold after 30 days will be discounted 10% and after 60 days discounted 20%.  Items not sold after 120 days will no longer be for sale and need to be picked up by the seller within 14 days or they become property of the store.

Seller will be paid  from Hoover Fitness for sold items via PayPal or check.  Payouts will be every Tuesday and sellers will be paid for anything sold since the last payout.  PayPal payments will be sent on Tuesdays and for those who wish to receive checks, the checks will be written on Tuesdays and can be picked up any time at Hoover Fitness during staffed hours.